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How I got my start collecting gamers...
My start in collecting game worn jerseys was actually a few years before I even knew what collecting "gamers" was all about. I purchased my first jersey directly from the Michigan Tech Huskies back in 1995 when I was a student at MTU. Shortly before I made my purchase, MTU had changed the style of their jersey slightly and had replaced all of the home and road jerseys. At the time, I was simply trying to order a blank Bauer authentic jersey through the University Pro Shop that I could wear to games. When my request reached the manager of the Pro Shop he suggested that I might be able to save some money by contacting the team because they had some used jerseys that were sitting around. So after making a few calls I got to sift through dozens of jerseys before I picked one that looked "nice." If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken out a loan and bought them all. Just try and find a Michigan Tech jersey on the market today - it's near impossible.
In the following years as I finished my degree at Tech I became more and more interested in the game of hockey. Not just playing (see below), but learning about the history of the game. One day while reading The Hockey News I found a dealer selling game used jerseys. I requested a catalog, and as they say, "The rest is history." As time passed, I found more dealers and made other contacts in the game worn hobby which lead me to other Michigan Tech jerseys. Today I have nearly three dozen jerseys from Michigan Tech and finding more remains the focus of my collection. Along the way, I have also added jerseys worn by MTU alumni when they played for other professional teams and they add a nice variety to my collection while still maintaining my overall goal.

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The Staff of Johnson's Jerseys:
Ryan (Michigan Tech)
Jessica (St Cloud State)

Ryan Johnson --  #14

Mosinee Papermakers (GLHL)

I play the game as well as preserve it...
Compared to most people associated with the game of hockey, I got a late start. Hockey really wasn't that big of a deal to me...until I attended Michigan Tech. After watching just a few college games, I was hooked. So at the age of 18 I learned to skate and gave the game of hockey a try. I played whenever I could, and as I look back, I think my late start gave me a greater appreciation for the game than others my age could find. Some of them had been playing since they could walk and were just burned out, but for me it was both new and challenging.
When I relocated to Wausau, WI in the winter of 1998 I quickly found that if I wanted to continue playing competitive hockey, beyond no-check college intramurals, I was going to have to take my game to the next level. That meant a try out with the Mosinee Papermakers who played in the Great Lakes Hockey League (USA Sr. Over 18 Full Check). The long bus trips and the physical part of the game were quite a drain some times, but being able to play at a level I never though I would get to, made it all worthwhile. It certainly gave me a better idea of what the pros must go through to become elite level players and to maintain that level on a daily basis. I can say without a doubt that being a fan is much easier and requires fewer ice packs.
I hope that by visiting this site you too will gain a greater appreciation for the game of hockey and for the history of Michigan Tech.

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